Gully has been immortalised in a limited-edition, high-quality ‘Gully of Morecambe’ hand puppet, complete with a little red bandana.

Available for just £10 from the places listed below Gully makes a perfect present for Christmas (sorry for the early mention), birthdays, and visitors.
All proceeds go to local charities.

Gully is available from the following outlets:
The Midland Hotel
Same As It Never Was, Euston Rd
Jigsaw Heaven, Pedder St
Little Shop of Hobbies, Pedder St
Grandma’s Puppet Shop, Pedder St/Prom
Beach Bird, Marine Rd West
The Northern Chocolate Company, Marine Rd West
The Rock Shop (next to Harry’s Bar), Marine Rd West
Briggs Shoes, Marine Rd West

Or contact us.