Morecambe is the closest seaside resort to any motorway in the UK which means you can explore the whole area, by many means of transportation, very easily and accessibly.

The area offers a wide range of leisure activities for all ages.

If a bicycle is your thing, either leg-powered or electric-assist, then we have a world of offerings. Morecambe is near the start, or end, of the 81 mile Bay Cycleway; the start, or end of the coast-to coast Way of the Roses, or enoy a long ride out and enjoy our unique offer of city, coast and countryside by taking a long raide out into the Forest of Bowland or the Lake District or, heaven forbid, even Yorkshire!  You can go for a few miles to Audax-length of over 130 miles. Or just pack the bikes, and the family for a leisurely flat ride down the promenade from Happy Mount Park to the historic fishing village of Heysham, and explore one of Christianity’s earliest sites in the UK.

Of course, cycling is not for everyone but our district also offers some of the best walks and views in the country. I know, we are slightly biased, but we challenge you to disprove it. Whether it’s a gentle stroll down the prom, looking across to the beautiful Lake District, or more a ramble in the countryside, or a more challenging climb up Arnside Knott, we cater for all ages and abilities. Of course, you can always experience the unique offering of walking across our Bay but be prepared to get a tad wet.

Of course, based on a body of water that’s six times bigger than Sydney Harbour we also offer water-based activities. Fishing? That’s a box ticked whether it’s off the jetty, prom or straight from the beach, we have you covered. Of course, there are plenty of inshore fisheries, canals and even trout fishing close by.

Or what about sailing, or kite surfing. Learn to sail from Morecambe on Lily and did you know that Morecambe is one of the kite surfing communities hidden secrets?

The kids aren’t ignored, either. If the weather’s a bit inclement we have a bran-new trampoline park, Jump Rush;
the new bowling alley above Pleasureland, and other activities (opening soon); and, of course, the good old-fashioned cinema. For the smaller ones we have two great interactive playground on the promenade and Happy Mount Park for all the family. Of course, who can forget the beaches?

Of course, the offering don’t end when the sun goes down. We have a big list of festivals and events happening all the time – check out the link. And of course, our ever-expanding range of retail offerings, restaurants and pubs are there to cater to your requirements when you have finished your daily activities.

Morecambe Bay Walk

Cross Bay walk

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Morecambe sailing

Learn to sail on Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Beach

Morecambe Beach