This summer Morecambe is being turned into a giant game of Cluedo and you get the chance to find out Who did it? Who, What and Where? Presented by Morecambe BID in association with Morecambe & Vice : Crime Writing Festival present : The Mystery in Morecambe.

Bertram Body, a famous author has been murdered and the crime could have been committed by one of six people, with one of six weapons at one of six locations along Morecambe promenade. Police Inspector Clueless has already discovered 15 clues that will lead you to businesses and locations around Morecambe and once you end up in the right place you’ll find a card that will help you eliminate a suspect, weapon or location from your enquiries. Just like the real game of Cluedo!

Along the way you’ll also become embroiled in another puzzle that will lead you to what the murderer took from Mr Body when they killed him and if you solve either of the mysteries you could be in with a chance of winning a box of goodies worth over £100.

“It was great fun putting the mystery together” says Ben Cooper-Muir one of the organisers of Morecambe & Vice “We wanted together a puzzle that would take you all over town to get to the truth and it’s perfect for the whole family. The younger sleuths get to seek out the cards to eliminate and then for the more experienced detectives the extra code to crack too. We’re looking forward to seeing how many people can solve both!”

John O’Neill, Morecambe BID Manager, commented: “With the schools on summer break we wanted a fun and inclusive way to promote our area and great businesses. Mystery in Morecambe is an active trail that gets the whole family out and about in Morecambe searching for clues. It helps locals and visitors explore the area by discovering the sites, and retail/leisure businesses, and it is a healthy activity too.

“We have already received some great feedback about how everyone is enjoying it and, with this great weather set to continue it’s a great way to have a bit of fun for very little expense. Of course, there are some great offers to be taken advantage of along the way”

The Mystery in Morecambe runs from 20th July until 9th Sept with winners being announced on 10th September. You can pick up the booklets from Morecambe VIC, Morecambe Library or find them in participating businesses. The booklet can also be downloaded from the Morecambe & Vice website :

Mystery in Morecambe

Mystery in Morecambe – Morecambe BID