Morecambe Bay and our famous sunsets

Bill Bryson, the famous travel writer and author, said in his latest book ‘The road to Little Dribbling’: “Morecambe Bay may be the most beautiful bay in Britain”. Suffice to say, we wholeheartedly agree, especially with our beautiful Morecambe sunsets.

Morecambe Bay is an area of Special Scientific Interest, borders national parks and areas of outstanding Natural Beauty, and home to many species of wildlife.

Arguably, it also has some of the best sunsets in the world. Given the geographical location of Morecambe Bay, and the interaction of local weather conditions, the sunsets on any given day can be spectacular, especially with the backdrop of the world-famous Lake District. As the hills in the distance blacken, and the rays dance off the clouds in the sky, spectacular hues from across the spectrum radiate and reflect off the sea.

“Magic” is often the best word to describe it.

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