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Morecambe BID Business Improvement Grants

20 Feb Morecambe BID Business Improvement Grants

Morecambe BID is pleased to announce its new initiative, that of improvement *grants help spruce up the front of premises with the BID (Business Improvement District) zone.

These grants are for a maximum of £250 per premises and they need to be match-funded by the levy payer to the same amount.

Upon completion of the work the improvements will be inspected and, if satisfactory, payment will be made.

Grants can be used for frontal painting, street furniture or improvements that enhance the appeal of the business to the public from the frontage. All work must be completed within six months of application.

John O’Neill. Morecambe BID Manager said: “Now’s a great opportunity to spruce of properties in the  BID area. The new Bay Gateway opened in October and it has already transformed traffic patterns in the area. This should mean Morecambe is a much more attractive destination for visitors now, considering they won’t have to sit in those long traffic queues.

“In addition, the second phase of the Euston Rd. public realm works is underway and should be completed before summer. The Connecting Eric scheme has been completed, the final piece in the puzzle being the new crossing replacing the lights at the bottom of Euston Rd. off the Prom.

“We hope people use their imagination if they apply for the grants but we still have quite a bit of empty wallspace that’s begging out for more street art so it would be nice to see some businesses continuing the legacy that was started last year.”

*Grants are limited for the 2016/2017 financial year so applications need to be submitted soon. Each will be assessed individually on needs & applies to current levy payers only.

For more information contact John O’Neill, BID Manager, on or download the application form here BID improvement grant-no logo